Red Lipstick & Leather Gloves

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Pop:My body, your body, bodies moving, doing various body related things, ft. Pitbull
Rock:Situations are/have occured in my life. Allow me to describe with extensive use of metaphor
Metal:I am upset. I will now yell about why.
Country:I am also upset but I relieve my emotions in a healthier way. Or through alcohol abuse.
Techno:Optmus Prime having a seizure
Techno(Dubstep):Optimus Prime achieving orgasm.
Rap:Nigga, disrespect of women, drug use, I am a very prolific person, 3rd degree murder.
Reggae:My woman is very deserving of love and I appreciate marijuana but for religious purposes.
R&B:My heart is broken, let's have sex.
Jazz:What your mom listens to.
Classical:Background music for other genres.